Domain-Driven Design Research

Academic Research on Domain-Driven Design

Please help out by taking the survey on domain modelling (2018)
by Maurício Aniche (TU Delft)

What do we (not) know about Domain-Driven Design? (2017)
by Maurício Aniche (TU Delft)

The dark side of event sourcing: Managing data conversion (2017)
by Michiel Overeem (AFAS Software), Marten Spoor (AFAS Software), Slinger Jansen (Utrecht University)

Evaluating Domain-Driven Design for Refactoring Existing Information Systems (2016)
Hayato Hess (Ulm University)

Architectural Improvement by use of Strategic Level Domain-Driven Design (2006)
by Einar Landre (Statoil ASA), Harald Wesenberg (Statoil ASA), Harald Rønneberg (Statoil ASA)

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